Reclaiming The Newness: Living A Vibrant Life With Christ

by | May 18, 2022

As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you.  Now remain in my love.” John 15:9 

When I became the owner of a new car, I polished everything daily with careful detail. I found myself making sure there was no trash left in her when I got out at the end of the day. I found myself talking about “Lady Sif” with most everyone I came into contact with. 

Yes, you read that right. I admit it. I named my car. 

Yet for some reason, after a few months, the newness wore off and Lady Sif became yet another collector of empty water bottles and food wrappers on the floor of my back seat. Today, she is displaying a dusty exterior decorated with sun-hardened bird poop and bug guts. 

The newness wore off. 

I think if we are honest we would admit that, at times, the newness of our relationship with Christ seems to “wear off” as well. Nothing actually changes in our relationship with Christ, but I wonder if we continue living in the newness and excitement of that truth as time passes? 

When we first meet Him, we can’t keep it quiet! We want everyone to know Him and experience the freedom and beauty that we encountered the day we made Him Lord of our lives. 

I currently work at a faith-based addiction recovery center( One of my favorite parts of my job is when a student comes to know Christ while being in the program. If you have ever witnessed someone coming to know Christ, then you know what I mean. It is ridiculously beautiful! They become like that new car owner, marveling over every detail of their new life in Him. Our students can’t wait to tell everyone on staff about the decision they have made and we notice that they dig into their Bible-based curriculum assignments in a new and deeper way. 

A little while ago, at one of our all staff/student morning devotions, our director asked us all to answer a question. She asked us something to the effect of, “How did you come to believe in Jesus and why do you believe in Him today?

I’d like to ask you the same question. “How did you come to believe in Jesus and why do you believe in Him today?” 

If you have a personal relationship with Jesus, think back to when you first met Him. What was it like falling in love with Him and getting to know Him at the beginning of your relationship? What events surrounded your salvation? What has your journey looked like as you have learned what the person and work of Jesus mean for your heart, soul, and life?

If you have known Him for a long period of time, I wonder if you could look back on seasons of your life when the “new car passion” that you had when you first met Him would not accurately describe your walk with Him?

If you resonate with that, may I ask, what caused your passion to fade? Was it a loss, pain, shame, fear, or unanswered prayer? All of those are hard and can pull us away from the newness we first experienced in our relationship with Christ.

Maybe you find yourself in a season like that today. If so, I’ve got good news for you. He is not any less active in your life today than on the day you were saved. He never pulled away. Never has He left you! He is the same, yesterday, today, and tomorrow! 

The Gospel isn’t just truth that applied to the day you were saved. 

Belief in the Gospel is not a one-time decision but an ongoing expression of our need for Jesus. 

The Gospel asks us to live in such a way that our complete dependence on Him will display what He is like to those around us. The deeper we go into discovering the truths about God, the deeper and more intimate our relationship with Him will become. Today, may we be deeply affected all over again by the incredible news and love of Jesus. May we go back to the Word and become enamored anew with the beauty of Jesus. This is what it means to have a vibrant life with Christ!

“Lord, teach me how to regularly meditate on how amazing Jesus is and to often ask the Holy Spirit to show, teach and remind me how great my incredible Savior is. When I read the gospels, open my eyes to watch Jesus closer, to re-acquaint myself with the love of my life. Throughout my day bring to mind what is true and remind me to ask the Holy Spirit to teach me, encourage me, and comfort me. In Your Name, Amen.” 

If you have never received this free gift that Jesus died to give you, I have good news for you too! Jesus went to great lengths to find you and to be able to have a relationship with you. If you have any questions or want to talk to someone about what that means, Reclaimed Story would love to talk with you. You can contact us at

Reclaimers, let’s reclaim the newness, the excitement, and the bubbling over desire to share the vibrant life we have with Christ with others! 

Reclaiming The Newness Together,

Alicia Suarez, Reclaimer


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