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You don’t have to hide your past

So many women long to live a life of purpose, yet feel overwhelmed by the expectation to do so without any flaws. Reclaimed Story created this safe place so you can break free from the things holding you back, reclaim your painful past, boldly embrace your purpose, and rejoice in your freedom.


Are you hiding your hurt?


Do you feel weighed down by shame or regret?


Do you feel stuck?


Are you trying to escape your past?


Do you think God's promises are for others?


Do you feel alone with your emotional pain?

If you found yourself nodding “yes” please know you’ve come to the right place.

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We are a diverse community of women healing together.

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Real life stories of struggle, victory, and freedom.

My Reclaimed Story

Meet Denisha, Founder/President, Reclaimed Story

“I know what it feels like to believe lies that keep you shackled to your past.”

I’ve walked in the shoes you’re wearing. Tethered to a painful past. Trying to make it all make sense for my life today.

If I could, I would love to sit down with you, cups of coffee in hand, fuzzy blankets on our laps, and have an honest conversation about God and life.

We each have unique stories to exchange. We would celebrate the things that we bravely conquered. In hindsight, we would also see the strength we gained in moments of defeat.

The best is yet to come. Your past IS part of your story. And it is a story of victory and freedom. Nothing would bring me more joy than to help you reclaim your story.

This is what Reclaiming Your Story looks like.
It looks like freedom, healing, and hope.

Are you ready to begin your reclaiming journey?

We are here for you, connect with us below.



  1. to rescue from an undesirable state
  2. to restore to a previous natural state

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