Discovering A New Song Through Suffering

by | Jul 19, 2023

Honesty and openness in the conversation of suffering…it’s what we need!

Naomi, in the book of Ruth, expresses her pain openly, and feels no pressure to put on a face of pretense. Naomi saw and felt the reality of her suffering, and even more importantly, she saw God’s hand in it. For a time, Naomi lost her song. She “tasted only bitterness.” She was empty.

If I am honest, there was a time when I had lost my song. Perhaps, even now, you connect with Naomi.

Naomi…and I…would tell you that there are no quick and easy answers. There is no spiritual face that you should put on, no special words that you should say. But, there is a way forward… through the darkness, out of the numbness. It is an honest journey. And along the way…

“He hears our cry, gives a firm place to stand, and puts a new song in our mouths” [Psalm 40:1-3].

~Susan Habegger

Susan Habegger has lived and worked internationally for 30 years. Her heart was drawn early to those who must find a way forward in the midst of difficult circumstances. In 2010 she founded a humanitarian non-profit, Thrive Life Skills, with this vision: To come alongside and walk with the suffering in order to provide hope and to help them discover a courageous and peaceful way forward. God has brought clarity and reality to this vision through personal experience and circumstances. Reclaimed Story is now partnering with Susan to implement her course – A New Song: A Journey Through Suffering Toward Healing. You can find Susan online at Be sure to follow her on Facebook. You can also email Susan at

*To hear more from Susan on the topic of suffering, and to learn about Reclaimed Story’s partnership with Susan listen to this month’s podcasts with Susan’: Episode #105 Behind The Scenes of A New Song and Episode #106: Let’s Talk About Suffering.


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